My Ministry is Morphing…Again!

Welcome to my website! Some exciting things are happening, causing the address “shelleensings” to no longer encompass all aspects of my ministry. Until now, my ministry has pretty much fit into the singer/songwriter vein, but  recently I’ve discovered that I have a passion for other genres of writing as well. I’m so excited to announce that my first book, “Fruit Fables” is under contract to be published! (So now “Shelleen writes” too!) I’m also experiencing a bit of deja vu. In the same way that my music ministry began from people “randomly” asking me to sing, I’ve begun to have requests to speak for different venues as well – and I’m LOVING it!

So stay tuned…I’m having an author website built which will host a blog that I’ll be posting to weekly. I’ll post a link from this site once it’s up and running. And of course, I’ll keep you posted about my book once it’s due to be released. In the mean time, feel free to contact me for singing and/or speaking for your group or event.

Always For His Glory,


Move Over Squirrely!

They say that the front page of your website is the window to your store-front. I think the squirrels moved into mine! The truth is, I am much better at the actual “writing/speaking/singing” part of my ministry than I am with knowing how to use social media to promote it. Not only am I “Tech-Amish”, but the truth is, due to the care needs of family, I have been off the radar for some time. BUT, that season has turned and has left me more equipped than ever to use my gifts to speak (and sing) healing into people’s lives through Christ.  So stay tuned as I am determined to become more tech-savvy and be watching for changes and improvements as I begin to piece together the next project the Lord has called me to!

The show recorded live at Karen’s Place in November will air on January 10 at 8:30 PM on WBPH(TV60) from Allentown. From what I understand, it should be carried by both Comcast and Dish. Check your listing and check it out! I will be uploading some of the songs onto UTube soon as well.

Well, what an fantastic night Saturday evening was! We had SO MUCH FUN performing/filming at Karen’s Place! Thanks so much Don for the wonderful opportunity! Our event will be airing on WBPH TV 60 in the Allentown and Philly area, as well as parts of Lancaster. It will be carried by Comcast and Dish sometime in the New Year. I’ll keep you posted when I know more details. We had so much fun there and a big thanks also to my awesome band! Tom, Dean, Ricky, and Ethan, you guys ROCK!!! Thanks also to your families for their support. Couldn’t be doing this without you!

I’m so excited to be singing again at Karen’s Place in Doylestown this Saturday! This concert will be filmed, edited down to a half hour, and aired on TV! I believe on a Philidelphia station. I’ll post the details later. We’re adding some new material for the first time! It’s going to be fun!!!


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